Timeless designs are Useful and Usable

A study lamp is useful and usable

By fiifi DZANSI

Timeless designs are Useful and Usable.

There’s a ten-year-old study lamp on my desk.

When I bought it, though new, there was no manual accompanying it. Just a little label with the manufacturer’s name and place.

Plain and simple. Nothing fancy.

The design of the study lamp is so simple even a baby could use it.

It has a nob on top to switch it on and off, and it can bend at various joints to suit the user. 

Also, there’s no dimmer. Just buy the correct bulb, and it lasts for years. With the light spilling on a portion of my desk, I could clearly see what I’m reading or doing.

First, the lamp is useful because it adds value to my life. When working, especially at night, I need not light the whole room, just a part of my desk. 

Then, it’s usable. Meaning I find it easy to use. All its parts, from the largest to the tiniest, serve a beneficial purpose. There’s no overdesigning, like maybe an LCD screen with a timer to tell me to take a walk from time to time.

Strip your design of all the veneer.

Let’s go back to basics.

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