This is where Fiifi Dzansi plays around with random ideas when he’s not working on client projects.

Typography design for HERO
Typography poster for let's stay together
Typography poster with a woman dancing
Dream weaver type design
Typeface design for Home again
A teddy bear used as a pi cushion lies on type design that read: Smile through the pain
Bold typography design that reads: Run for fun
Typography poster with the title: Only you
Type design of 'Be Bold' written in bold block letters
Bold type design that reads: Fear Not
Lettering that says: No racism here.
Typography design of 'It takes courage to reach the top.' Designed like a mountain.
Illustration of a happy Steve Wright behind an old radio set
Happy Days type design with smileys
A bearded man with a hand to his mouth
Awesomeness designed in bold, block letters
An illustration of lady with Afro hair wearing jeans pants poses for a photo
Black outlines of type design that says: Keep your love pure
Illustration of two people talking to each other
Stay Awake bold type design with a big eye in the middle of the two words in blacvk
Type design of SHINE in monochrome with the sun at the background
Faith heals type design with patterns of comb in the empty spaces in black
Great ideas type design in bubble style
Freedom type design on a photo of the sea with canoes at Jamestown in Accra
Read books type design outlines
True story typography in black and white using shapes
Monday is not scary poster with a cat that looks attentive.
Win again typography design
A man and a woman standing close to each other by the road
Park type design in black.
The sun is shing and the moon sits in the middle
Room type design in black.
Rejection in a black hand-drawn type design
A man looking up to the heavens and thinking about Saturn, the planet
Stand tall type design in black.
Conceptual art of man wearing two bow ties
Yes type design in black.
Two faces in the moon looking each other in the eye
Que será, será type design in black.
Learn hard, work smart type design in black.
Keep hope alive type design in black.
Load typeography design
ME WE type design