Astronaut on the moon. It's not too late to achieve our dreams

It’s never too late.

I used to have so much affection for football. Until big money and technology ruined the game.

The year was 26 May 1999.

Manchester United against Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League finals at Camp Nou in Barcelona, Spain. It was a perplexing game.

Bayern scored a crucial early goal, and the whole neighbourhood went haywire. Bayern had massive support in Ghana at the time because Osei Kuffour – one of Ghana’s finest players of all time – was in their team.

That goal was a blow to United fans.

My bother and I were the only United fans among the crowd, where the entire neighbourhood had gathered.

People jostled us from here to there as Bayern fans celebrated. They screamed at us, telling us to leave because it was a game over.

We stayed.

What happened in the twilight of the match changed my outlook on life. Forever. United scored two goals in barely three minutes. And they won the game.

In my opinion, this is the most spectacular Champions League finals I have seen.

United won the game because the players gave their all. The enormous pressure brought the best out of them, making the victory a very memorable one.

Sometimes the weight of abject poverty, constant failure or misery may feel too heavy that climbing out and reaching our goals could seem utterly impossible.

It’s never too late.

Life is like a game of football. Dreams can be realized even in the dying minutes. Even after we’re so old and grey.

The unfortunate situations we’re under should bring out the best in us.

Logs we’re hit with could supply us with solid muscles like lumberjacks to move obstacles.

When the big waves cast a shadow over our aspirations, let’s glide on our surfboards to the shore.

Never throw in the towel when things get tough.

Instead, use that towel to wipe your sweat and tears and just carry on.