Social Media Growth – Give Value

Give value to followers on social media

By fiifi DZANSI

People follow you based on the value you give them.
The value may be in the form of education, information or even entertainment.

Your content, therefore, must have value to attract and retain followers.

To offer value, first know your followers: the accounts they follow, what they like and share and what they are talking about.

Don’t give yourself a headache by trying to figure out on your own what quality content to produce.

You can use apps like the Google search engine or Quora or Answer The Public to know what people are searching for and create your content around that.

Your posts that do well are the type your followers want to see. Keep giving them that.

Likes are good. But comments and saves are strong indicators that your content is getting the attention it deserves.

Also, look into similar accounts like yours and learn from what they are doing.

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