Social Media Growth – Have Fun

Have fun on social media

By fiifi DZANSI

The world is not a perfect place. Sometimes it’s the imperfection that makes our world interesting.

This is why tragic plots make great novels. And overcoming adversity makes blockbuster movies.

Sharing only success stories and the shiny stuff on social media makes your brand appear unreal and cold.
Let your followers see your struggle.

Share behind the scene and your work in progress. When you do, your followers would appreciate you for all the effort you put in to create. They’d also understand what inspires you.

Not many dare to share their failings and perhaps vulnerabilities. Sometimes you have to share these to teach vital lessons.

Did a client reject your work? Did you lose clients as a result of mistakes on your part? Or did your previous business collapse?

Share with your followers. They’ll learn from it.
After all, we are human.