Love is a heavily used word. It strings the words in songs together and unites hostile words in poems. It’s a miracle why this word has not deteriorated over the years.

The words in 1Cor. 14:4-8 are ever powerful and inspired me to create these illustrations. This project focuses on what love is, not what it isn’t.

The hands play a vital role in showing love to others. So I allow the hands in the illustrations to do the talking, demonstrating the various ways love manifests itself.

Love stands as the unwavering thread that binds our world together. It never falters, and its enduring flame continues to burn eternally.


Two hands in a shape of love

Love is Forever

A hand like the shape of love holding a withering rose to denote patience

Love is Patient

Two hands in a handshake to symbolize tolerance

Love is Tolerant

A hand holds a bird in a nest to denote love is caring

Love is Caring

Two hands like the shape of love holding smileys

Love is Cheerful

A wounded hand in a bandage to mean love is durable

Love is Durable

A hand gives a basket of fruits to the other - love is kind

Love is Kind

Two hands of love are sewing - love is diligent

Love is Diligent

Two hands of love hold an Olympic medal - Love is successful

Love is Successful