In 2003, Zipporah embarked on a humble journey, laying the foundation for the Sanbel Brainy Kids School. It all began in a single room within her home. Over the years, this small seed of education grew into a thriving institution, encompassing not just nursery but also extending to junior high levels, serving hundreds of eager young minds.

The vision was simple yet profound: to provide quality education that was not only accessible but also affordable to the children within our community.

Situated in the suburbs of Kasoa, often referred to as Accra’s dormitory, The Sanbel School has emerged as a beacon of hope for the families residing here. Many Kasoa residents commute to the capital for work, and with limited public schools available, the demand for private educational institutions became undeniable. Thus, a myriad of private schools arose to meet this growing need.

Faced with this vibrant educational landscape, my task was clear: to design an identity that would unequivocally convey the essence of education offered by The Sanbel School and the nurturing environment it provides.

The Sanbel School may not boast grand architectural structures, and its student body may not be the largest. Yet, it’s a place where the potential is nurtured and talents are honed. While many schools in Kasoa may overlook the importance of branding, The Sanbel School understands the value of a clear and resonant image.

Our first step was to collaborate with the school’s management to rebrand and simplify the name, evolving from ‘Sanbel Brainy Kids’ to ‘The Sanbel School.’ This change served to remove any ambiguity associated with the term ‘brainy,’ while also recognizing that young learners prefer to be seen as more than just ‘kids.’

‘Sanbel’ is a harmonious fusion of the names Sandra and Belinda, lovingly reflecting the founder’s connection to her daughters, who continue to inspire and shape the institution.

Identity design

The Sanbel School logo in full color
The Sanbel School Uniform for boys and girls