When In Doubt Create More

Designers create more

By fiifi DZANSI

Being creative is tricky. The path to navigate can be deceptive. Although the creative endeavour originated since the human beginning, it’s always been unconventional – moving across the grain. 

This unwinding path is set out this way:

Start by working for free (to gain recognition)

Become a starving artist

  • Suffer shame, humiliation and doubt
  • Work tirelessly, day and night
  • Work some more
  • Finally, succeed (if you’re fortunate)

Being a doctor is different. It comes with a fat paycheck, respect and pride. Nobody will tell you how nice your work is only to be saying in their mind, “Oh no, he’s throwing his life away.”

At times in your career as a creative, you may feel useless and worthless.

Anytime you feel this way, just go on and create more.