For Our Selfish Gains

Woman holding a protest message on card

By fiifi DZANSI

We solely fight when it benefits us.

People are protesting all over the world. They’re either fed up with exploitative policies, poverty, or unemployment.

Teachers go on strike to force the government to raise their salaries. When the pressure piles up, the government may cave in. But they don’t go on strike because the schools they teach in lack internet access, sports facilities or locker rooms.

All they want is a little more money.

It’s the same with the highly-rated professionals in Ghana – doctors.

Frequents shortages of beds, unavailability of ambulances, poor sanitation at health facilities are among some of the common problems facing the health system in Ghana.

Like teachers, doctors don’t protest to bring about change in these areas.

They want a little more money.

When people are paid well enough, their work environment doesn’t matter to them anymore. The quality of services they render is no longer their primary concern.

As long as they can go on vacation, buy desired vehicles and build houses, life is just fine.