We’re Going To Heaven So Why Care About The Earth

By fiifi DZANSI

The end will come soon. And all the good people will be taken to their new place in heaven. Bad people, on the other hand, would spend eternity in hell, always on hot grills.

This is what many religions on Earth teach their followers.

With such a belief, why should we waste our efforts in trying to solve the climate crisis?
After, all the Earth is doomed to fail.

Ghana is one of the most religious places on the planet. Wednesdays are designated for worship throughout the country. While people take leave from work to go worship the ‘Lord’.

Someone is preaching on our busy streets.

At times the preachers set their consoles on refuse heaps instead of cleaning first.

Someone said before, that since this world would go up in inflames soon, he doesn’t care what happens to it.

He would be in heaven singing hallelujah with angles.

It’s about time religion took the climate seriously.