Quality Fades

By fiifi DZANSI

Product quality wanes after some years.

A new company’s focus is quality.

This stage is dedicated to crafting a good name and seeking customers.

Owners invest resources experimenting and putting something breathtaking on the shelves.

Customers at this time, too, require something different and fresh.

Queues would form at the door every morning before the shop welcomes visitors.

When a business is young, it has nothing to lose compared to titanic corporations, so it’s more natural to try something new and pump up the quality.

Immediately they grow beyond the neighbourhood, small businesses realise they can’t maintain such high quality at the same price.

Also, resources may not be available to sustain such ambitions.

Then, they cut down on the quality.

After buying products that lasted a decade – consumers soon have to buy newly improved stuff each quarter of the year.

Quality becomes a choice.

It fades when no longer a priority.