Change Can Be Expensive And Intimidating

Change Can Be Expensive And Intimidating

By fiifi DZANSI

For someone to make a change, she needs to be on a path – a path not worthy to traverse anymore.

Apparently, she’s been on this way for years – it becomes part of her daily life.

A sudden change can be traumatic.

This is where humans are at this moment.

Our climate is in crisis.

Everybody, no matter where they are, can feel it.

Fear of change is holding some back.

Because we have been comfortable living this way.

Humans discovered fossil fuels hundreds of years ago.

And Alexander Parkes introduced the first-ever man-made plastic in 1862.

These resources – which we frown on now – are cheap, widespread and easy to acquire. 

For years, our lives hang heavily on them. 

But now we need to make a change really fast because time is against us.

Many of the solutions at hand are not cheap.

There are a few electric vehicles in Ghana. But I have not set my eyes on one yet. That shows how rare they are in this part of the world.

Also, I wonder how many people in this country can afford a Tesla or other electric vehicles.

So we have to wait until they become mainstream.

Until there are so many used electric vehicles on the market.