Greed And Profiteering Will Hinder COP26

The Earth on fire

By fiifi DZANSI

Greed and profiteering are at the root of the climate change crisis hitting the world in our time.

The ongoing COP26 has got many wondering if this is the time climate crises finally end. 

Protests are happening outside the venue, with Greta Thunberg calling the world leaders liars because she could not see anything coming out of that meeting.

The Amazon forest is shrinking due to deforestation caused by logging and mining. And the story is similar in other parts of the world.

Governments profit when they give out natural resources for exploitation.

Billionaires continue to hold fast their position as such. And the poor and those tribes that prefer simple lives are the ones affected the most.

Our world can do without gold, and if we are hard-working enough, we can get rid of fossil fuel and coal in the shortest possible time. 

Again, greed and profiteering are frustrating the efforts of people who care about the environment.

It’s not a bright future for the climate at the rate we are damaging Earth’s resources.

It’ll take all of us on the planet to come together for a change.

Are you willing?