Living With Death In Mind

A burning candle about to finish

My grandfather had a coffin made for him before he died. It was just a simple rectangular box made with cheap wood. He was scourged for such an action. People said it was wrong to prepare for death in such a bizarre manner. In fact, immediately after he died, they broke the coffin and made a new one that they felt befitted his stature.

When you give people your Will, they go, “Oh boy, are you dying? Do you have a terminal illness…?

Death isn’t a palatable subject to discuss because it’s the end. Some believe when they talk about it, they’ll die sooner.

But death is inevitable. We can’t avoid it. Immediately you’re born, you start dying from that day on. We may take care of our health by eating nutritious food, visiting the doctor regularly, and exercising often. In truth, all we’re doing is, living a little bit longer and postponing our death.

We can say that doctors don’t save us. They prevent us from dying today so we can perish helplessly tomorrow.

With the knowledge that we can die anytime, we strive to live our life to the full and savour whatever joy we have now.

Do your best each day.
Enjoy life to the full each day.

Because you never know when the end will come.

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