Living Today Now – the power in positive thinking

Living today now - the power in positive thinking

By fiifi DZANSI

The key to happiness is living in today, not tomorrow or yesterday.

Where are you living?

This is an important question my psychologist, Dr Eric Howusu-Kumi, asked me. It opened my eyes instantly to the power of positive living. He has written a book with the title ‘Living Now – the power of positive thinking.’

This easy-to-read book is packed with research works, quotes from famous people who used the power of positive thinking to achieve greatness. And practical suggestions on how to liberate ourselves from negativity and overcome depression, anxiety and the like.

I will share some of the insight later.

We are living in one of the most perplexing times in history. COVID-19 pandemic struck the world and has affected everyone in every part of the globe. According to sources, it’s caused a spike in mental health-related problems.

Some people have lost their jobs or loved ones to death. With these and other predicaments, they become trapped in the past, dwelling on the things they no longer have or fretting over lost opportunities.

Others are scared of what the future holds. Will things go from bad to worse or become better? Or maybe we have this paradisaic future we always dream about, and we neglect now, today or the life we currently possess.  

In all truthfulness, though, Dr Eric Howusu-Kumi reiterates throughout the book again and again that we have no control over yesterday and tomorrow. The only life we are promised is what we have right now.

So we must live life now to the fullest and enjoy all the blessings that come along. Take time to eat the food you have before you, tasting, smelling and feeling the texture. When you take your bath feel the cold shower on your body on a sunny day.

Take advantage of opportunities that come your way, no matter how small they may be. And take control of your own life.

Benefits of Positive Thinking

I can’t share hall I learned from the book because you need a copy for yourself.

Before I conclude, let me say that it’s a necessary step to know the benefits of positive thinking. These would help us to be more resolved to live a life hinged on positivity.

Here are some benefits outlined in ‘Living Today Now – the power of positive thinking.’

  1. Positive thinking generates greater confidence and higher self-esteem.  
  2. Positive thinking promotes stronger social relationships
  3. Positive thinking promotes good physical health
  4. Positive thinking increases life span
  5. Positive thinking makes us more resilient.
  6. Positive thinking turns problems into opportunities
  7. Positive thinking provides more energy
  8. Positive thinking holds the key to a successful life
  9. Positive thinking attracts positive events
  10. Positive thinking promotes a happier life.

These are not all. ‘Living Today Now – the power of positive thinking’ continues to explain how to take control of one’s life and how to develop resiliency and a fighting spirit.

To get hold of this book, may contact the following numbers and tell them I sent you. You might get a discount.



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