Let’s Share The Same Canteen

By fiifi DZANSI

I had an internship with a renowned textile company in Ghana years ago.

It was a dream come true. I learned many design practices and principles from this institution.

However, something upset me.

The canteen. This is what happens there.

Management has a different canteen from the junior staff including the factory workers. Though the management and senior staff work in air-conditioned rooms and don’t do much physical work, their lunch was posh and more nutritious.

Factory workers, however, will plod their way to the canteen each afternoon and eat a meagre meal. It feels like a US correctional facility.

But logic dictates that people who do much physical work need to eat big.

So they can continue to be productive.

When management uses the same canteen as everyone else, it promotes good work-relationships.

In addition, management sees firsthand what the concerns are and learn how to improve working conditions.

Lastly, this action proves that everyone has value – whether you’re the cleaner or the boss.