You’re Not Self-Made

You're not self-made

By fiifi DZANSI

Certain people are often referred to as self-made billionaires.
On the surface, it means they did not inherit their wealth but worked had to earn it all.

Is it reasonable to say someone is self-made?

I find it awkward that there’s such a thing.

No individual makes it on their own. The wealthy have loyal employees and right-hand people who work hard, probably harder, each day to churn out great ideas that make businesses boom.

Some people give you a push along the way through various contributions.
And they deserve acknowledgement as contributors to your achievements.

On another side of this, some call themselves self-taught.
Self-taught artist, musician, poet etc.

Meaning they teach themselves how to do this stuff without going through the formal education system.

Again, can you be self-taught?

It’s a definite No!

Everything we know on this planet, we learn from others.

No matter the sort of education you have – be it formal or informal – someone teaches you.
You read books on a particular subject. That author, in this sense, becomes your teacher.

Perhaps, as an artist, you observe, carefully, the techniques of Kofi Amoah or read books on legendary painters like Picasso, Van Gogh, among others.

These people are your tutors who lead you to discover your path.

Education in our time is changing.

Instead of sitting in front of an old, bearded professor who probably has lost touch with the current world, some young folks decide to learn on their own.

They watch YouTube tuts, Ted talks, take courses on Coursera, read books, and get mentored by professionals.

I learned most of my trade on my own. I work hard to be the best version of myself.

Does that make me self-made?

I dare not say yes.

Because that’d come across as preposterous, arrogant and parsimonious. And disappoint those who stand by me through all the struggle.