Brand story. Taking a photo to tell a story

Brand story.

There is nothing like a poor Story. Only a good story told poorly. 

How you take a photo of an object determines its story and whether anybody would stop to look. Technology has made us all photographers of some sort. With these tiny cameras on our phones in our pockets, we visually document our lives each day. 

But most of us are matures. To us, the obvious and easiest way to take a photo is to stand straight, aim at the camera and shoot.

To make your photo stand out, though, you may have to change the angle, not the subject.

Award-winning photos capture thrilling stories in a single shot. The more you look at that one photo, the more you discover. 

A great story captures why a brand exists, what challenges the brand contends with, and how it resolves these challenges and make people happy in the process.

It’s like a movie plot. A hero embarks on a quest, fights her adversaries, conquers them and frees others from captivity. A brand has a mission to accomplish to help people achieve their aim.


Apple is the president of the department of storytelling. Over the years, they captivated the world with the story of their founder and exceptional products.

Their iPhones, for instance, are ahead in the competition.

Among many things, they help people take stunning photos and videos, and they have some robust editing capabilities. 

Their Instagram page is dedicated to those intriguing images captured by creative iPhone users worldwide. Loyal fans now tell their stories for them.


To begin with, go back to how and why your brand started and what value it offers target customers. Let this guide your story all through the journey.

Did you start from the trunk of a car? Or maybe you spotted a gap in the market that you wanted to fill. Does your brand care for people with special needs? Is your brand tackling global warming issues?

In our time, people are becoming aware of the challenges confronting the planet. And they want to know what brands are doing to tackle these issues. So let your story capture some of these issues that are close to the hearts of people. 

Make sure to involve your tribe (loyal customers) in the process and encourage them to share the outcomes of using your products/services with the world.

Storytelling is an integral part of brand building. Succeed in compellingly telling the narrative of your brand and gather a tribe for your cause.