Woman with gun going for a revenge

It takes a lot of resources – including time and energy to take revenge on copycats. Also, it diverts your attention from focusing on your game.

Blockbuster movies almost always end in revenge.

A villain attacks a town. She destroys properties, kills some people and takes others as hostages to a hideaway place.

A boy who survives this brutal attack is hunted by the ordeal.
The nightmare consumes him day in day out.

In time, he learns to fight and gathers the necessary weaponry and goes on an adventure to revenge the dead and rescue the hostages.

He fails in his first two attempts.

Finally, he succeeds. He kills the villain and saves the hostages. An entire town is shattered in the process.

There’s a piece of sobering music at the end as the survivors saunter their way back home, covered in bloodstains and soot.

So who rebuilds the destroyed town? How much would it cost? And who heals all the physical and emotional wound?

That’s the work of revenge.

Some businesses exist purposely to copy and sell the great products others a creating. It hurts genuine business when fake versions of their products swamp the market.

How would your business react to imitators? By paying them in their own coin?

Big brands like Nike – who have imitators all over the world – react by creating more unique designs. This makes it extremely challenging for the copycats to keep up.

It takes a lot of resources and time and energy to go after every single imitator. Also, it diverts your attention from focusing on your game.

Consequently, the wounds inflicted by revenge may be too deep to heal.

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