Selling doesn’t come easy because it’s so much work. You need to create a detailed buyer persona. And identify where your potential buyer may be. Then you talk to them, hoping to persuade them to buy.

There’re those intimidating meetings you must have with CEOs and managers and people at the top. And you must face the camera and maybe the press.

You may be shunned or ridiculed.

This is why selling is one of the entrepreneur’s nightmares.

To combat this, some startups concentrate more on perfecting their craft and creating perfect and elegant products. Reasoning that a superb work sells itself. Make it impressive, share it, so it goes viral, and the rest would take care of itself.

This line of thought is flawed.

Consumers have so many options to choose from. They want to know the person behind a product and their story. They want to be persuaded before they make a purchase.

Your work needs you to sell it.

Start talking to people about your big idea. Gather feedback and use them to fine-tune your product.

And start shipping immediately.