A brand is both the reputation and what a business does in reality.
Among many things, An organization may have a goal to have an excellent name among people and to do quality work.

A well-known CEO of a bank brings his motivational speech to a close at the British Council in Accra. The applause rose for long before subsiding.

Time for questions from the audience.

A young man rises and congratulates the CEO for how wonderful his institution is doing. However, The CEO was quick to acknowledge their struggles.

This young man does not know the internal struggles of the Bank. All he sees are the many branches springing up across the country and how sleek their offices and vehicles look.

Generally, people are more concerned about their status than what they honestly are. Some founders are willing to do whatever it takes to protect their image. Because a beautiful reputation attracts attention.

When a firm is drowning, the owner may be tempted to paint a paradisaical picture of its activities. Revenue and accomplishments could be exaggerated.

Too often, businesses on the brink of failure throw money at visual rebranding – sleek new logo, vibrant colours, inviting messages. A procession with bikini bottom women and stuffing the bank accounts of celebrities.

More often than not, the problem is with the company culture – how they communicate internally and with clients.

Pay more attention to what life is inside your business because a thriving business is one with a great culture.