Anonymous kindness

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When inquiring why people exhibit kindness towards others, the expected response is: “I want to help others.” However, it extends beyond that.

Most of us perform good deeds for others in order to receive recognition and increase our social standing. For instance, the affluent donate to impoverished communities in Africa, and it becomes headline news, resulting in praise and admiration. This, in turn, makes them feel good about themselves.

There’s nothing wrong with this sense of contentment since kindness serves as a form of self-care.
The issue arises when we anticipate receiving recognition in return. When that recognition is absent, we become disillusioned and may even abstain from performing acts of kindness.

Alternatively, we can exhibit kindness anonymously. You can help someone secure employment without their knowledge of your involvement or anonymously pay someone’s tuition.

In this way, the only thing that matters is the well-being of the person in question. You are content knowing you aided in resolving their problems, and that is all that counts.
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