There are over 3000 languages spoken across Africa, and out of these, I only speak three.

I heard a Lingala song last week, and it’s been so good it’s given me an earworm. Then I moved on to listen to songs and watch movies in other African languages, and I felt the beauty in them.

This typography-inspired project reflects how I feel about these languages – Lingala, SiSwati, Berber, Ewe, Shona, Yoruba, Hausa, Oromo, Swahili and Zulu. The designs are not based on extensive research into the cultures the various languages represent but are purely based on emotions. I aim to create designs that are crisp, bold, and simple, deepening people’s respect for these languages and also arousing curiosity in those who have not heard of them.

*All images are generated with the help of Leonardo Ai.


Berber in black typography
Berber in colorful typography
Typography-inspired poster for the Berber language
Ewe in black typography
Typography-inspired poster of the Ewe language
Hausa in a black typography lettering
Colorful typography lettering of the Hausa language
Type inspired poster of Hausa
Lingala in black and white lettering
Lingala lettering n colour
Typography inspired poster of the Lingala language
Oromo black typography
Oromo typography lettering with graded yellow background
Oromo poster
Shona lettering in black
Shona lettering arranged in a pattern
Shona poster with lettering
SiSwati typography in black
SiSwati lettering in gradient pattern
SiSwati poster inspired by typography and photography
Swahili typography
Swahili typography in colour
Swahili typography poster
Yoruba black typography
Yoruba typography in colorful gradient
Yoruba poster
Zulu black typography lettering
Zulu colorful typography lettering
Zulu warrior typography poster