Some are scared their businesses might drown out on the internet. 

There’s Traffic On The Motorway

Accra-Tema motorway was once the most beautiful road and a national treasure. It’s the fastest route many preferred. 

There was a national outcry when cracks appeared on it. Then heavy traffic heaped up on the motorway. And finally, reckless driving dived in the mix.

Some are finding alternative roads to Tema. For their beloved superhighway no longer serves its prime purpose. 

The Internet Is the Motorway

The internet is the fastest way to link up with the world. 

With a million users each day, this modern tech has become a busy marketplace. 

As a result, it has become nearly impossible to make your business visible on the internet. 

One source says that over 40 million websites exist online, 300 million people use Facebook, and another 500 million are on Instagram. 

To make your business stand out from the lot, you have to be different, find alternate ways of doing things and do what touches people’s lives.