A woman gazing at a black star in the sky

The Black Star

Select the Right Colour

A star is a celestial body that shines at night. There’re billions of them. With tinny glittering lights, they pierce through the dark clouds far away.

Often, a star symbolizes hope and excellence. If you play a pivotal role in a team or excel at your work, you become the star.

A star’s purpose is to bring hope and show others the way to excellence.

In Africa, Black star stands for Africa, Pan-Africanism and Anti-Colonialism. After gaining independence, Africans feel confident about handling their affairs. 

Though the black star, as a symbol, is picked with good intentions, it has a flaw. Black doesn’t reflect colour. Black is an absence of light (in science) or colour (in art).

Shine Your Light

Never be an obscured star.

Instead, be a shining star with powerful flames that burn at all times, even in the pouring rain.

Ways to be a shining star.

  1. Share the knowledge you acquire while building your brand. 
  2.  Openly put your portfolio online and talk about how you work so beginners can learn from you.
  3. Give reviews to small brands.
  4. Mentor those who require your expertise. 
  5. Share, like or comment on great work other people create. 

In the end, as you let your light shine, you empower others to do the same.