Tame Your Ideas

A woman juggling ideas

By fiifi DZANSI

Creatives never run out of ideas. Ideas rain down on them all the time. While in the shower, walking the dog or even in their sleep. 

A friend keeps a pad and pen under his pillow just in case he wakes up with something fabulous.

This is why creatives in various fields are very observant. They look at things around them differently. It’s the concepts that come to them that fuel their business.


On the other hand, copious ideas can sap all your energy or tip your focus if you don’t learn to manage them.

For instance, you have this fresh design you’re working on and all of a sudden, another concept that looks more promising pops up. 

You abandon what you’re working on and concentrate on this new path. Then again, another one that looks bigger comes thumping at your door.

So you’re always starting a new project every now and again but not finishing anything.

One of the causes of the demise of the design studio we founded many years ago was our inability to manage ideas. 

We found so many opportunities we could cash in on. However, we failed to complete all the numerous self-initiated projects we started.

After speaking with other creatives in the city, I realised it was a common problem plaguing many.


Over the years, I’ve learned to put my ideas on a leash.

Get an idea book. 

Write down anything new in this book. And continue with whatever project you’re working on.

When you start something, finish it before you begin a new one. 

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