Power Outage Rocks Facebook

power outage rocks Facebook

By fiifi DZANSI

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are down. 

Thousands the world over cannot access these platforms. People have to spend more time on other social media sites like Twitter. 

Ironically, Facebook had to admit this failure on Twitter.

There are two lessons we can all learn.

We don’t own whatever content we post on social media.

Owners of these platforms are the sole owners of the stuff we put there. And that’s how they make money. An outage like this means we can’t access our content.

If you rely solely on social media to do business, you’ll lose money.

It’s, therefore, necessary for a business to have its own websites where it can have total control over the content it produces.

Be a marketer, not a social media influencer.

We also learn that social media has limitations. It may lose power in the coming future. And if that happens, people have to go elsewhere to sell.

Learn marketing the traditional way. So that you can become a marketer who adapts well to different media.

Remember, email, telephone conversations, face-to-face meetings are all alive and kicking.