A Logo Is Just An Empty Container

The logo is just an empty container

By fiifi DZANSI

A logo is mostly overrated.

Many untruths surround these little graphic icons that mislead many business owners.

UNTRUTH: A logo is all the brand is about. 

TRUTH: A logo is part of the brand. Everything your business does come together to form the brand

UNTRUTH: A logo must describe what a business does.

TRUTH: Not necessarily. Simply, a logo is a graphic icon that reminds people about your business. Example. The Apple company makes computers and smart devices. However, their logo is a fruit.

UNTRUTH: The more sophisticated the logo, the better.

TRUTH: A simple logo is more memorable.

UNTRUTH: Anybody can design a logo.

TRUTH: Only seasoned designers can design memorable logos.

UNTRUTH: Every business needs a logo

TRUTH: A business owner who doesn’t know what a logo does obviously doesn’t need a logo. So is a neighbourhood shop whose aim is just to eke out a living.

UNTRUTH: Great logos create great businesses.

TRUTH: What a business does would determine whether the logo would be successful. Example. Nike’s swoosh is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. This is because the apparel company produces quality and innovative products people love.