A scenario:

Fred’s day had been a relentless battle in the corporate world, compounded by the unrelenting traffic of Accra and Kasoa. But his evening took a heartwarming turn as he arrived at a cherished pork joint, where friends eagerly awaited his arrival. Together, they savoured cold beers and indulged in sizzling, mouthwatering fried pork while watching a thrilling Premier League match.

In Ghana, this is the power of pork, a culinary treasure that has an exceptional ability to unite people.

Drawing from my deep familiarity with this cultural experience, Isaac approached me with an inspired pork business concept, and I instinctively knew the way forward. My mission was clear: to craft an identity that not only encapsulated the welcoming ambience of such gatherings but also championed the spirit of togetherness.

The result was a brand that celebrates unity and camaraderie in every bite.

Identity design

Pork pals logo in full color