What’s Your Brand Selling?

A hand holding a shopping bag

By fiifi DZANSI

Is your brand selling the right product or service?

Brands that compete on quality or price lose out, eventually.
A newer brand could become cheaper or offer more quality than you currently do.

Also, people buy based on what a brand makes them feel or the status the brand elevates them to.

When I don a ‘Converse All Stars’, I feel liberated and ready to create.
Birkenstock footwear makes me think about the environment.

People don’t stand in front of shelves and examine the percentage of durable materials present in a product.

We’re emotional beings. That’s what moves us.

It doesn’t mean you can create crap, switch on the emotion button and expect people to come rushing in.


Your product/service must be of high quality.

Allow your emotional values to dictate the message you put forth.

When in doubt, check Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ campaign.