The problem With Celebrity Endorsements

Keep showing up suing all means available
Before Glo started operations in Ghana, it took a couple of years to announce their intent and all the goodies they had in store for Ghanaians. They employed the services of heavy-weight celebrities to divulge their mouthwatering packages.

They were different. We saw videos of cables they laid beneath the sea from America to Accra. And the cherry on the cake was that their Internet data would be the fastest and most affordable.

Glo finally arrived with pomp and pageantry. I bought a Glo modem – the first I ever bought.
Initially, they lived up to their promise. With time though, the strength of their internet got weaker. After several attempts to get them to rectify the situation failed, I said goodbye for good.

Glo never lived up to all the hype that preceded them throughout the country. Their popularity waned, and now, though they’re around, you hardly hear of them, drowning and not waving.
What happened to all the celebrity endorsements?

The truth is celebrities or influencers don’t sell. What sells is a good product/service that people need.