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Social Media Growth – Consistency

Posting on social media using smart phone

By fiifi DZANSI

Consistency is one of the crucial ingredients to success on social media. You see, social media platforms are designed to favour those who post regularly. 

Social Media now is so saturated. Everyone is on social media shouting for attention. So if you don’t post frequently, your fans would forget about you.

Here Are The Benefits Of Being Consistent. 

Maintaining a regular schedule for posts allows your followers to see you. They get to comment, like and even share your posts. 

These activities help make you stay relevant on their feed. It exposes your content to more people. And you will gain more followers and more reactions to your posts.

This Is How To Post With Consistency

Plan what you want to share. Perhaps work in progress, finished work, testimonials from your customers, blog etc. 

Know the days and times to share.

Set aside a day and organise all your content for the week. Use free apps like Tweetdeck and Facebook business suite to Schedule your posts. Let these apps post on your behalf while you pay attention to other things.