Social Copycats

A woman juggling ideas

By fiifi DZANSI

Twitter was the latest social media platform to add stories (or fleets) to their features.
But it was short-lived.

Stories started with Snapchat, where a post disappears within 24 hours.

In their attempt to collapse Snapchat, Facebook added stories to all their platforms including, Instagram and WhatsApp.

LinkedIn dived in too.

Social media platforms make more money when people spend a lot of time using their products.

To keep people glued to their screens, these companies keep adding features upon features to their products. And they give exposure to those who use these new features as an incentive to motivate the masses.

Gradually, they are all imitating each other and may soon become identical twins.

With this, they orchestrate our lives. We’re quick to jump on any new trend, making fools of ourselves in our search to gain more followers.

It’s not uncommon seeing grownups sacrificing their dignity for fame that is so fleeting.