Small business success

It’s disheartening to see small businesses portray themselves as incompetent, incapable, unfit, and, worst of all, amateurish, despite being competent in reality. This mindset is often referred to as the small-team mentality, where one feels inadequate despite having the potential to achieve great things.

Remember the quote, “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog that matters.” As a small business, you have some unfair advantages on your side.

However, there are five deadly sins that you must avoid committing:
1. Never call yourself an “up-and-coming” something.
2. Avoid describing your business as small because it may make people perceive you as small-minded and incapable.
3. Never take your customers for granted or treat them like you’re doing them a favour.
4. Avoid building your business on a lie.
5. Don’t start your business as a conglomerate.

Instead, focus on the five things you must do:
1. Provide exceptional customer service by building a relationship with your customers, addressing them 2. by name, and promptly responding to their inquiries.
3. Do one thing well and become known for it before expanding into other areas.
4. Create a website that showcases your business, is easy to navigate, and contains your contact information.
5. Offer exceptional products and services, leveraging your small size to provide high-quality and personalized offerings.
6. Be adventurous, take risks, and embrace new technologies before they become too crowded.

Above all, be confident in your abilities, and don’t let anyone make you feel small.