Show Your Work!

Have fun on social media

To increase your chances of being discovered, it’s important to share your work with the world. Posting your work consistently can also help you track your progress, even if you don’t receive a lot of reactions.

However, many of us struggle to share our work due to a common obstacle: fear of feedback. While positive feedback can be uplifting, negative feedback or personal attacks can be challenging to handle. I’m a big believer in this: we can’t control how others react to our work, and everyone has the right to their opinions.

To overcome this fear, it’s helpful to not take yourself too seriously. Your work is separate from your identity, and people are entitled to their opinions about it. Instead of focusing on negative feedback, appreciate the fact that someone took the time to give you feedback in the first place.

Don’t let fear hold you back from sharing your work. It’s time to stop hiding and start showing the world what you’ve got.