Seeking Approval

Seeking approval

By fiifi DZANSI

Social media has made us more conscious of all aspects of our lives. Whatever we post has to be liked, re-shared or receive comments praising our efforts. It pushes us to post more.

In time, we become entitled, expecting to see others reactions to our posts. Fewer or no feedbacks make us sad or disheartened.

Instead of being ourselves and focusing on our uniqueness, we are rather constantly seeking approval from others.

There may be several reasons why people don’t respond to our posts the way we want them to.

  1. Followers are also following thousands of accounts. Therefore, they have more content fighting for their attention
  2. Followers are not necessarily interested in our stuff. They may be following you because they are family or friends.
  3. We post inconsistently, and probably at a time most of your followers are not online.

When people don’t respond to our content, we despair that our stuff is not good enough. But from the above reasons, this may be false.

Treat social media as a diary, and overcome the burden it places on you as a means of measuring success.

It’s a tool that helps you document your journey whether the majority gives you thumbs up or not.