New Year Resolutions Are For Losers

New Year Resolutions Are For Losers

By fiifi DZANSI

We are here again.

The end of the year.

The number one thing on most people’s minds is how to make the next year better. Hence the new year resolutions. 

What makes it a worrying situation is that many are now going to reflect on their lives to see what went wrong and rectify the mishaps.

Then there’ll be a long list of usually elusive goals for the future. In the end, dreams will be left unattended to and many more set for the future.

We treat a new year as if it’s an entirely new universe, where we step to and rediscover ourselves and uncover the unknown.

There’ll be many prophesies of goodwill and stickers proclaiming a bountiful beginning clinging to vehicles everywhere you go. But if such proclamations really worked, there’ll be fewer poor or unfulfilled people left on the streets.

What makes the matter worse is many believe someone needs to hold their hands to cross into the new year. Some would pay hefty sums for a prayer that promises them good fortune in the new year.

In truth, a new year is just another day. It’s another Monday, Tuesday… you get the point. Nothing dramatic is going to happen. You’re not crossing the red sea to the promised land. Your current situation may even get worse.

See, we are not in a time machine that will spew us out into a different era.

Stop stressing about the new year. It’s nothing special.

While writing this article, I checked my timeline on Twitter. And the majority of Africans are all about resolutions, grandiose proclamations and some lowkey prophecies for the new year.

On the other hand, Americans, Europeans, and others are going about business as usual. Many of them understand that the new year is just another day.

But don’t get me wrong. 

We need to plan for the future. Anyone who doesn’t would live an aimless life. The way we go about it makes the difference. 

Every day allows us to start on a clean slate.

I have a Goal-board that I use. It’s divided into four quarters, with each quarter having its goals and three months to accomplish them. It’s all broken down into little daily tasks.

Each day, wake up with a heart full of gratitude. Count your blessings in the morning. This helps to drive away bad energy and inject you with the will to face the day. Plan what to accomplish in the day and go conquer mountains.

Find a peaceful place to reflect on your life at the end of each day. Be open about it, and don’t sweep anything under the carpet. Be grateful for your achievements, no matter how small they might be. The stuff that didn’t go well, find a way to resolve them.

Put one foot in front of another. 

Keep your goals doable. 

Break them down into chewable bits.

What have we talked about?

Don’t wait till the end of the year to start planning your life. Every day is a new life, a new year (if you wish to call it that).

Life is a daily affair.

Make each day count.