Keep Showing Up And They’ll Accept You

Keep showing up suing all means available

By fiifi DZANSI

Persevere through your struggle. 

Getting people to embrace your work is increasingly becoming almost impossible. It’s when you give up that you fail.

Marilyn Monroe

Modelling agencies told her she should consider becoming a secretary because she wasn’t good enough.

Vincent van Gogh

He was considered unsuccessful and a failure in his lifetime. He sold only one painting, and that was to a friend. Yet, he continued painting throughout his life. His artworks are worth millions now. 

Oprah Winfrey

She got fired as a reporter because she was accused of putting emotions in her stories.

Walt Disney

His editor said he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” He was fired!

The point is: the world wants to see so much from you

before it can trust you, accept you and eventually buy from you.

Most of us wouldn’t become a world sensation after our first appearance. We gotta do a lot more.

Be Persistent

Go on working through difficulties without let up.

Be Consistent

Persevere in creating your best work. Continue sharing all you have.

Keep knocking on doors.

Never stop giving it your all.