Show Your Work!

Have fun on social media

To increase your chances of being discovered, it’s important to share your work with the world. Posting your work consistently can also help you track your progress, even if you don’t receive a lot of reactions.

However, many of us struggle to share our work due to a common obstacle: fear of feedback. While positive feedback can be uplifting, negative feedback or personal attacks can be challenging to handle. I’m a big believer in this: we can’t control how others react to our work, and everyone has the right to their opinions.

To overcome this fear, it’s helpful to not take yourself too seriously. Your work is separate from your identity, and people are entitled to their opinions about it. Instead of focusing on negative feedback, appreciate the fact that someone took the time to give you feedback in the first place.

Don’t let fear hold you back from sharing your work. It’s time to stop hiding and start showing the world what you’ve got.

Collaboration is Key

Trying to do everything on your own is not sustainable.

Being a solopreneur can be overwhelming and can lead to burnout. However, it’s important to understand why some people choose to work alone. Often, it’s challenging to find individuals who share the same passion and vision for their project. Some solopreneurs feel that they are the only ones who can execute their idea properly.

However, successful entrepreneurs understand the value of collaboration and recognize the importance of working with the right people. They know that it takes a team effort to make a significant impact on the world, rather than relying on just one individual.

Situations yield different results

A tech nomad working on the road

Homeless individuals often struggle when it rains, as they have limited means to shield themselves from the weather. Conversely, farmers typically embrace the rainfall, seeing it as beneficial for their crops.

It’s evident that different situations can yield success for some individuals while causing discomfort for others.

Practice Makes Successful

Have you ever read a book that you thought would change your life, but it didn’t? Or maybe you attended an event full of successful people, and despite feeling motivated to achieve a breakthrough, it never materialized.

There is one critical factor that distinguishes successful people from non-achievers, and that’s consistent practice. Unfortunately, many individuals lack the willpower to put into practice what they learn. As a result, even though we have access to some of the best resources available, only a select few are reaping their benefits.

It’s time to take action and apply all the knowledge you have acquired.

Fast Spreading News

a man shouting a criticism

In today’s world, gossip has become a popular pastime and a way to gain attention. With the advent of the internet and social media, news travels faster than ever before, and people want to be the first to spread the latest information.

It’s not just individuals who thrive on gossip; marketers have also taken advantage of this human tendency to put out captivating stories about their products for others to share. As a result, people are bombarded with an endless stream of news, both true and false.

While gossip may make us famous, it’s important to distinguish fact from fiction and be cautious about what we choose to spread.

Begin and Learn

Waiting until you have all the knowledge to start something may prevent you from achieving anything. Begin and update your knowledge as you go. Progress and growth come from taking action and learning from experiences.

Tough World for Artists

An artist drawing on his mobile phone during the creative process

Many artists often appear disgruntled, portraying sadness and frustration. Unfortunately, a significant number of them are labeled as “starving artists” due to the world’s lack of understanding about their profession. Parents discourage their children from pursuing art because they believe it is not a viable career and may lead to destitution.

The truth is that the world can be a challenging place for artists.

If you aspire to become one, you must have a strong support system of friends who can uplift you, develop a unique style, and most importantly, know how to market yourself and your artwork. You must also develop a thick skin to withstand the criticism that comes with the creative process.

Solve today’s problem

A tech nomad working on the road

When you show a photo of the early mobile phones to the younger generation, they will be shocked by its appearance. I remember the first mobile phone I saw was so large that it could not fit into a pocket, and the owner had to hold it like a piece of log.

Although some people at that time may have recognized the potential of mobile phones, the technology was limited to making phone calls only. Today, mobile phones have grown into sleek devices that serve as life companions and offer a multitude of features beyond phone calls.

The key to success is to create products that leverage today’s technology and focus on solving problems. Therefore, it is essential to identify the challenges that your product can solve in today’s market.

Unequal justice in society

They Say They Know Nothing About Racism

A minister who has caused financial losses worth millions of dollars to the state has been summoned to appear before a parliamentary committee to explain his actions. Despite shedding a few insincere tears, he is granted forgiveness.

On the other hand, a destitute individual who steals a mobile phone to afford food is subjected to years of imprisonment for his crime.

Unfortunately, it is often the case that powerful individuals in society evade punishment for their transgressions. This appears to be the norm in our region.

Internet Shock Tactics

A tech nomad working on the road

Sensational statements have become a popular tactic used on the internet to grab people’s attention. More often than not, they are falsehoods or casual statements masked by personal emotions. When individuals come across such statements, they are inclined to react and share due to their curiosity or agitation.

However, provocative remarks often lead to divisions and exacerbate unresolved issues.