I don’t Buy From Celebrities

By fiifi DZANSI

Do you buy what celebrities sell to you?

Celebrities have an influence.
Crowds gravitate towards them.

And with their power, they may be successful at selling products.

A brand hands a celeb a product to show to her fans to tell them it’s the best and that they need it.

And the fans are supposed to get crazy over it and start buying.

But wait.

This celeb is paid to sell.
That’s not the brand she uses.
And on top of that, she has no idea if that’s what her fans need.

Moreover, I don’t use what celebs use unless it seriously meets my needs and pocket.

Also, these rich and famous guys have money to throw away and don’t have my interest at heart.
It’s a business to reel in more cash to flaunt.

They may not necessarily have a knack to spot quality, decent products.

I don’t buy from celebrities.

If I need something, I contact my peers to recommend it, and I read reviews of user feedbacks from others.