How People Buy In The Twenty-first Century.

By fiifi DZANSI

We buy after listening to what our peers have to say. Not what a shiny ad tells us.

In the past, there was a banku seller in our neighbourhood at North Kaneshie when I was growing up. This seller had the tongue of a razor. She insulted customers and made obscene, derogatory remarks often. She served some of the best meals I’d ever tasted. But socially, she was horrible.

Every morning, though, the neighbours all queued to buy. We ignored her ill manners because she was the only one around.

Fast-forward to 2021. With such an attitude, I’m not sure this woman would survive in the business. Now there’re so many alternatives around.

Humans have become many on the Earth, and the internet has brought us all together. We may live in different towns, cities or countries.

On the internet, we are all together at the same place. With a tap or click, I can be anywhere I want to.

This is how we buy in the twenty-first century:
First, we look for what we want to buy online or ask a friend to recommend a brand.

We look for specifications.

And finally, before buying, we read reviews.
These are other buyers’ opinions of the customer experience.

Products with the best reviews sell well.

In previous years, companies spent huge budgets on tv and radio ads. And we bought whatever they pushed to us.

Now our peers’ opinions play a significant role in the buying decision.