Great Leaders Know When To Step Down

Sir Alex Ferguson - Great Leaders Know When To Step Down

By fiifi DZANSI

What sets great leaders from the rest is that they know when to step down.

After all the suffering he went through for his country, Nelson Mandela ruled from 1994 – 1999. 

He led the country for only 5 years!

Although many South Africans wished he ruled until his death, Mandela had left the post for others to continue.

He wasn’t interested in building a dynasty for his family, as is the norm in many African countries. 

Sir Alex Ferguson, one of the most distinguished football managers of all time, retired in 2013 after leading Manchester United to another premier league triumph. 

Even though he had a couple more years on his sleeves, he reckoned it was time for a fresh mind to lead the club.

Also, Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, is not the CEO now. Another person is in that seat.

Bill Gates too.

The founder of Microsoft was once the richest man on the planet, is not the company’s CEO anymore.

The point?

Your business is not about you any longer. It’s about the people you serve and your employees. If you’re fit no more to lead your company, step aside let another take over.

In Ghana, sadly, business owners lead till their death. And they take their businesses with them to the grave. 

Such people always talk about how they sweat blood to establish the business.

Note that times are changing. The better leader you were yesterday could not be enough for today.

Power is sweet, yet it corrupts quickly.

Let go. Bet a great leader and step down.

You’re not the only person created to lead.