Embracing AI Technology

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We are living in exciting times with the emergence of AI technology taking the world by storm. However, like all new technologies, some people have their worries.

Recently, a post on Twitter argued that AI is a cheat and that deep-thinking people would avoid it. Others say that using AI is a shortcut and it’s cheating.

However, using shortcut keys on a computer is not cheating. Just as computers replaced typewriters and cars replaced horses, new technology makes work better and complements humans rather than replacing them.

If you’ve already embraced AI technology, you’ll realize how brilliant it is. It can perform complex tasks at extraordinary speeds, and its capabilities are still not fully understood by most of us.

AI has been with us for years, such as when your phone or computer suggests the next word to use while typing, or when YouTube or Netflix recommends the next videos to watch. Grammarly is another tool that helps writers write better, all thanks to AI.

Now, AI is being used on a grand scale. Some AI tools can write stories based on a prompt, while others can create nearly realistic images. However, like all technology, AI can be used for harm, and it’s no exception.

Despite its shortcomings, AI is here to stay, and the earlier we embrace it, the better.