A man is screaming at his audience

Effective communication skills require that we stop screaming at our audience 

Our preachers are screaming their heads off on podiums in church and on the streets.

Our politicians are screaming their unrealistic promises on radio, TV and social media.

We are all screaming, fighting to be heard first. It all culminates into a clangour of voices that crowd out great ideas.

There’s so much of it you can’t hear your own thoughts on the streets.

Listening to talk shows on TV and radio is earsplitting. You hear panellists yelling at each other as if the nation is at war and making statements not backed by facts.

We feel by being the loudest in the room, others would listen to our side of the story. Also, some of us fight for everything in life, even the most basic necessities such as water and food. Anytime we have the opportunity to speak, we do so with fury and on top of our voice.

People want to drum their message in the head of their listeners.

Remember, though, that the most powerful speeches ever recorded are timeless because of the power of words used not the loudness of the speaker.

Effective Communication

To move people to stop and listen, act and finally be on your side, employ the following.

Speak With Modulation

Giving a speech is like driving. You don’t move at the same speed all the time. There’re times to slow down or speed up. When making a significant point, slow down so your listeners can have time to grasp the meaning. On the other hand, talk a little faster when stating the fluffy stuff.

Speak With Certainty

 In a world full of fake news, it’s easy to get carried away. Check your facts from reliable sources before making your claim. And the truth infuses you with the conviction to persuade others.

Speak With Emotions

 A speech delivered with a stone-cold personality would put others off. Humans exude emotions. That’s what differentiates us from robots. Be free to let yourself go. When you have to shed tears to make your point, do so.   

Speak With Patience 

Bubbling forth without putting your thoughts together ends up in a disaster. You may get things mixed up or allow your emotions to overtake you. In discussion with others, you need to listen to others before you could speak. And don’t let their speech infuriate you to the extent that you start swearing.