Don’t Take Criticism Personally

a man shouting a criticism
By Fiifi Dzansi

Creative work provokes conversations. Everyone would want to have a say in what you’ve created. Most of the comments you’ll receive as a creative are a criticism.

You might hear people say, “Don’t take criticism personally.” And that whatever others say about your work is a reflection of what they are. This is true.

But, I’ve spent so much time on the project. I worked on it from the heart. The end result has become an extension of me. Therefore, whatever you say about my work also affects me.

However, we’re imperfect, and so is our work. People have the right to interpret our work the way they want, and we can’t prevent that. We need to be open to constructive criticism and seek ways to improve.

Sometimes we can direct the conversation about our work. Don’t ask: “What do you think?” Instead, you can ask: “Is the concept as bold as you want it to be?”

When we ask the right questions, feedback will be constructive and helpful.

This is an excerpt from the podcast “Why be conscious of your mental health as a creative.” You can listen to the entire episode here.