By fiifii DZANSI

You need to make a decision at this very moment. Do you have to read this or not?

Presumably, you’re asking how long it will take you or what at all is in it for you?

Each day, we are faced with choices. Some of them are easy, and we could almost make them without thinking much. For instance, Things regarding food and clothing are easy to decide on.

On the other hand, we have heavy choices that need time and research. And they could determine the rest of our lives. 

What work do I do? 

What religion do I join? 

What subjects do I take in School? 

Who do I marry?

These are decisions that we can’t take lightly.

In truth, it is unwise to allow others to determine our lives. We need to pick the stuff that we feel align with our goals, believes and lifestyle.

Here are some essential points to take into consideration when making decisions.

GOALS. Your goals define where you are headed in life. They are the projected future you wish to have. 

Decisions you take may impact heavily on them. Therefore consider your goals first to make sure the road you take can lead you to your desired destination.

RESEARCH.  How well are you familiar with your choice? Take this for an example. The career path you want to tread will determine the programme you study at SHS and what you take at college. 

To be a doctor, you have to be a science student. But definitely not a visual art student.

There are many research tools available to help. One is the internet. A careful and deep search on the web could open your eyes to several avenues. 

Books are also helpful. There are books on various subjects written by people at varying stages of their lives or career that you can pore over. 

Family and friends can help too, especially those ahead of you who have gained considerable experience in life.

BELIEVES. Whether you belong to a religion or not, we all have beliefs that steer our lives. Some people don’t eat meat because of their beliefs. 

So go through your core beliefs, weigh your choices against them and see if they are at par.

In the end, whatever we decide to do in life will either make or break us. The consequences are ours to reap.