Showing gratitude brings favours

A Culture of Gratitude

A culture of Gratitude was a virtue in the village I grew up at a point in time. People were encouraged to show appreciation, at least twice, for a good deed.

As children, we were asked to thank people immediately after they showed us kindness. Later, we went to their home early in the morning to thank them.

Gratitude begets good deeds. When shown gratitude, people feel good about themselves and are willing to do more acts of kindness.

Recently, an orange seller thanked me so much for buying from her. She said my purchase meant a lot to her, that I bought from her instead of somewhere else.

That was right on her part to show such profound gratitude. There were many other women selling oranges around.

Do you see the point?

Besides, you may not be the only one doing the sort of business you do. If someone makes the decision to do business with you, show gratitude.

Consider 3 important ways to show gratitude.

1. Welcome your clients with warmth.

Let them feel you’re happy and proud to have them around. Your online presence should as well make people feel this way.

Say hello to people who mention you in their social media comments or give a review.

2. Your process must be smooth.

Don’t let your clients go through a war zone while doing business with you. Deliver your services or products to clients in an effortless, fluent and simple way.

3. Say thank you.

And at the end, say thank you like you really mean it. Perhaps, send a thank you card, an email, or a WhatsApp.

Embed a culture of gratitude in your business and people would love working for and with you.

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