Creative fatigue

Man with Creative fatigue.
We feel the fatigue in creatives more than ever. Because the process and demand have changed. Modern technology has made us hungrier for creative work.

In the past, a newly released Michael Jackson song stuck around for years. First, it started gradually in America before engulfing other parts of the world. The longevity is enormous! That’s the best way great things need to spread.

Such is not the case now. When Master KG and Nomsa released Jerusalema ft Burna Boy in 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was massive. It became an anthem of hope to the world and burnt so quickly on social media, like dry paper – so fast and short.

For musicians, the formula is this: create a song that people can dance to. Throw it to a bunch of Tiktokers, and hope to go viral.

Imagine Beethoven, the Beatles etc in our time.
Their impact would’ve been hit massively.