Complain No More, Put Your Ideas To Work

Put Your Ideas To Work

By fiifi DZANSI

Problems surround us. Systems are not helping creatives to flourish.
Also, many graduates have searched for jobs with no success. And the economy keeps tottering here and there, throwing prices high up.

So we complain.

You meet your friends, and everybody is disgruntled about the system.

Even those well-to-do are saying, ”Life is not easy.”

But they go away, and the next time you see them, they’re on to something fruitful, like building a house, riding a new car or starting a new business.

If they could do all these, then why do they complain? You may wonder. Because for you, nothing works out. Though you may be trying harder than most.

Well, such friends are only helping you to complain, so you can feel better. Things work for them because they put their ideas to work instead of just sitting and blaming the system.

When you lament, it deepens your wounds of disappointment. You only focus on the negatives while neglecting all the good things there are.