Be Comfortable In Your Body

Chasing Internet fame
The title above may seem like a cliché, but it is a message that we must continue to emphasize.
Instagram is perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards among young people, which is concerning. Many aspire to become influencers on the platform, and the only way to achieve this coveted title is to amass thousands of followers.

For those who are late to the game, showcasing their bodies seems to be the easiest way to gain followers.

Unfortunately, this desperation has led many, especially women, to go to extreme lengths. It’s a common human weakness to be curious about things that are private or forbidden. The more flesh and sensitive photos one shares, the more followers one tends to gain.

Some people are willing to undergo plastic surgery like a sacrificial lamb to be cut open and altered. They get their lips filled to look like fish underwater, and their behinds pumped up like a football.
In the end, they present themselves as flawless beauty on Instagram, showing off their yoga sessions and teaching others how to attain their perfect body. But it’s all a facade.

Men feast their eyes on these charades, while teenage girls at home feel regretful about their natural bodies. It’s disheartening to see women feel sad and inadequate because of constant criticism about their appearance.

Recently, I had the privilege of taking some children to swimming lessons at a pool. Some of the kids were uncomfortable in their swimwear and felt that they didn’t look good enough. They wished they looked like the images they see on their screens.

The beauty of life lies in our differences. Like a variety of flowers, we are all unique and have varying body types that are beautiful if appreciated.